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Lighting Designs

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The Story

Behind the design

The story starts at archi school with me working late into the early hours of the morning chasing a deadline, when lecturer of mine who had been at the library noticed me and warning me about how I was straining my eyes without good task lighting.

The designs of lamps one could buy at the time were all so ugly that I decided I'd rather make my own. Having always admired the traditional Japanese paper Shoji screens and their ability to diffuse light with a lovely soft ambient glow, I decided to experiment with using paper for my shade. By using a cone shape to focus the light on the task at hand, while at the same time acting to diffuse the light and create gentle ambient glow, the idea for my lights was born.

Starting with the design of a standing light that I could place next to my drawing board, I made use of a timber latte for the stand and an old recycled engine part for a nice solid heavy base, that would be impossible to tip over. Initially the old day light 100w tungsten light bulbs that I utilized, used to heat up and eventually char the paper. So finally with the advent of LED bulbs, this problem was solved and the design could move beyond being an experiment for personal consumption only.

Over the years I have continued to refine the design to what it is today, including expanding it to encompass a full range of options with table lamps, pendants and stunning chandeliers centered around an old chunk of timber or hung off a thin length of bamboo.

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Ideals and ethics

Embodied in the collection

Moon Phase

Harvesting of timber

An ancient method of preserving timber by cutting wood according to the phases of the moon. Like the tides of the ocean, the moon also influences the rise & fall of the sap in the wood.

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Upcycle & Repurposed Engine Parts

A heavy metal machine base brings a unique character to each lamp. The natural profile of the wood combined with a unique - locally sourced - mechanical engine part will ensure that no two light with ever look the same.

Challenges and vision

Non Toxic Finishes

The coatings and finished applied to our lamps are completely natural and non toxic. Timber shafts are oiled with ProNature outdoor. Metal bases are finished with an Eco wax to preserve them and keep them rust free.

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Truth to Materials

There is something about a true material that is elegant and that satisfies the eye like no coating or paint ever will. The materials and components that go into our lights are as ethical and true as can be.

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