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Design Specifications

Clear Cord & Switch

The only plastic element in the design. We have opted for a true to material translucent look.

The clear cable has minimal impact on the design aesthetic.

Machine Base

A heavy metal machine base bring unique character to each lamp. The natural profile of the wood combined with a unique - locally sourced - mechanical engine part will ensure that no two light with ever look the same.

Paper Shade

Recycled paper is the standard shade for the E-Wire Lighting range. Locally made,

100% recycled and

100% chlorine free.

Fixing Components

Special stainless steel wing nuts and fixing components have been sourced to provide durability to the product. No toxic finish or coating has been applied.

Made locally, custom stainless spring steel tension springs used to grip light

housing and paper shade

Shade Grip

The Standing Lamp  "Umkhulu"

Moon Phase Harvest

Timber lamp posts have been specially selected and harvested locally from areas with prolific alien growth. Typically eucalyptus gum hard wood. Poles are striped cleaned and finished with a natural oil based sealant.


The E-Wire Light collection exhibits fine

craftsmanship and meticulous thought has been put

into every aspect of the design.


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