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Non-Toxic Finishes

A toxic finish on an Eco-Friendly product is like what water is to fire. It may be underestimated, it may be disguised. There are endless ways for toxic chemicals to enter your home, but your purchase of an e-WireLight will not be one of them.

Non-Toxic Finishes

At Eco Design, creating a healthy home is important to us. After many years designing, building and research on this topic, we have come to know what products should be used, when they should be used and how to work with them.


We work closely with the team and at ProNature who supplies us with the natural, mild white tint oil-based sealant for the timber components. Bernhard Lembeck is the creator of ProNature and he holds more than 40 years of paint chemistry experience. They have developed a fantastic product line of eco-friendly timber treatments, wood and wall paints, cleaning and care products along with other essentials. We hope that these lamps can stand out like beacons amidst a sea of toxic products. That they will inspire more earth-friendly materials in the home and finishes that are healthy for everyone that shares that space.

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