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Upcycled Engine Parts

When you recycle something, the components are generally broken down and the result is an item of lesser quality. The idea with upcycling, on the other hand, is to re-purpose something that would otherwise be considered waste, ‘upping’ its value and quality by doing so.

Upcycled Engine Parts

Upcycling is an even greener version of recycling. Unlike recycling, which involves consuming extra energy and resources, upcycling is the ultimate in reuse: no extra machinery or wasted resources necessary.


This is exactly what we do with the machined parts that we collected from all around cape town. We have developed relationships with many of the local mechanics and their workers. The metal is no doubt a commodity and most shop owners we deal with let their guys handle collection and sale of the old parts. Accumulating enough stock and developing a steady supply chain has been a challenge. We target most round engine components including clutches and clutch plates, brake disks, flywheels, CV joints. Various different engine gears and motorbike sprockets. The parts are laid out and unique compositions and designs are made up and welded together to make each lamp truly unique.

Our vision is to approach some of the top car manufacturers to discuss opportunities and to get our hands on their old parts. We will present them with benefits regarding their sustainability goals and even an option for their clients to have their old parts returned to them as a stunning handcrafted lamp.

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