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Lighting Designs


The Story

Behind the design

​​The story starts in the dorm room and the need for proper lighting late at night while studying and chancing deadlines as a student.

Make shift prototypes were made up out of necessity. The paper shade made an excellent diffuser for the light, giving a lovely ambient glow. The cone shape focused the light on the task at hand and so the idea was born.

It wasn't long before Andy started refining the design. Drawing up plans and experimenting with different ways to grip the simple paper shades. Standing lamps, pendants and stunning chandeliers were produced using the same core techniques that were developed early on. 

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Ideals and ethics

Embodied in the collection

Moon Phase

Harvesting of timber

An ancient method of preserving timber by cutting wood according to the phases of the moon. Like the tides of the ocean, the moon also influences the rise & fall of the sap in the wood.

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Upcycle & Repurposed Engine Parts

A heavy metal machine base brings a unique character to each lamp. The natural profile of the wood combined with a unique - locally sourced - mechanical engine part will ensure that no two light with ever look the same.

Challenges and vision

Non Toxic Finishes

The coatings and finished applied to our lamps are completely natural and non toxic. Timber shafts are oiled with ProNature outdoor. Metal bases are finished with an Eco wax to preserve them and keep them rust free.

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True Materials

There is something about a true material that is elegant and that satisfies the eye like no coating or paint ever will. The materials and components that go into our lights are as ethical and true as can be.

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